Post introduction

So, I started writing this afternoon and published my first post and then realised I hadn’t given any sort of introduction of myself and my reasons for writing this blog.  So, here goes…I’m a thirty-something year old (I’m not gonna give it all up straight away – hey! there’s a first time for everything!!!)  I am new at this whole thing and I have no idea if anyone is going to read this, but I am doing it for two reasons, well… three…Firstly, I was once told I should write a blog after some Facebook updates on a road trip.  Secondly, I have set myself an Australian challenge which you will read about later on – if you’re still with me!  and thirdly, I have a best friend who I have known since childhood who always wants updates on my life.  Every time I go and see her, she gets so confused as to which guy I’m seeing and which ones I like and don’t like and she jokingly asked me to write it all down… Well, F, here you go!  By the way, you aren’t the first person who said they needed it written down… I think someone asked for a spreadsheet?!!

I guess there is a fourth reason too – I want to write it for me, to get things down and try and figure out what the fuck I’m doing and to sort my head out!  So here I am…fingers crossed!

As I’ve been in a long relationship for almost half my life – I’m making up for my lost 20’s! One of my best friends once said to me,  ‘We’re in our 30s!  That’s our prime!’  So, here I am, in my prime!  I like to think I’m pretty normal, although I do tend to have this problem of a dirty mind – so in the blog if you find sexual innuendos – they are probably on purpose, although sometimes, I do it without even thinking, much to my friends’ amusement!  So yeah, pretty normal, however, have been through some tough times, as I’m sure most people have.  Been unsure of who I am, what I want and most importantly, what I deserve…

So…post break-up was a hard time… didn’t know who I was anymore, what I wanted, where I wanted to be and was lacking self-confidence and self-worth.  For some reason, I thought I would find some of the answers on a dating app! Not just any dating app, TINDER!!!! Now, we all know, that in the grand scheme of things, Tinder is not where you find love! Don’t get me wrong, I have met a few people who have found the love of their life on Tinder, however, mostly, it’s a hook up app, I think we will all agree! So, after the events which you will read about in my next post, I decided Tinder was the way forward to find that something that I was missing and looking for….by the way…so far… I’ve been wrong!  BUUUUUUT!  There is still hope!

Sure, it’s been fun along the way and I fully intend to keep going but with a new found sense of self worth and self confidence!  Otherwise, what would I write about?!  I hope you’ll stick with me as I divulge the world of Tinder and what it is to be 30-something year old singleton in a small town of couples!


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